2015-07-20 12:47:26 Posted by RetroZelda

Games Section and More!

First post in a long while. Yolo. Pretty much been working on a few game projects. With is work, i decided to make a new Games section on the left side. over there. do you see it? GOOD! The first game I am putting in there is Princess Thing. This is a game i made years ago and I decided to have it public. It is also added to this post, so enjoy. You will see how i am unable to do art things. I have an upcoming game made in UE4 that I will be adding there as well. This section will mostly be for web player builds and so once I get the WebGL version of this running, ill add it! YAY! WOOOOOH! If not, ill figure out something else. Finally, i removed the Global game jam game because it is terrible.