2013-05-21 15:37:57 Posted by RetroZelda

About Me

My name is Erick Folckemer and I am a gamer. I, in fact, enjoy games so much that I am currently attending Full Sail University for game development! I have been down here in sunny Florida for a little over a year and I have learned and accomplished so much. This iscludes things that I have learned at Full Sail as well as things that Full Sail has inspired me to learn and relearn. Right now, my main language of programming is c/c++. About 90% of the projects I have done have been using c++, but there were some that were only c, and even though they are very similar, I do know the differences. I also know c# pretty well too! I have used c# mostly for .Net programming, but I have done c# using the XNA framework and to make Unity scripts with the Unity API. With these languages are the need to use some tools, engines, and even APIs. Some of the more notable ones that I have used are The Unreal Engine, WiiYourself, Unity, and a little bit of CryEngine, but not enough to do anything with it so I don't even know why i mentioned it. I have also done graphics programming work, and the graphics APIs that I have dealt with are OpenGL and Direct3D as well as their Shader Languages(GLSL and HLSL respectively). Although Graphics programming isn't my strong point, I still have the capability to get the job done. And most of all, I have worked with the Win32 API(c++) as well as the .Net framework(c#) writing small programs and tools, a few games, and even some dynamic libraries! And anything that I am not embarrassed about, I will usually post up on here for other people to enjoy. Some other experiences I have are using PHP and MySQL. I do know HTML with CSS as well. In fact, besides from the main html template of this site, I coded everything from scratch using PHP and MySQL. I also have really good experience using XML. I am also fairly proficient with the Autodesk Maya API. It is an ugly piece of library, but I think with the mesh and animation exporters I have written, I feel confident on being able to export data using it! Using the knowledge from Full Sail, I have worked on many bigger projects. For starters, in one of my classes, my group and I designed a dungeon crawl game that you can read more about Here. I am also currently working on a Full Sail wide project called Plunder. Plunder is an Educational game that strives to teach English(like grammar, sentence structure, etc). That is pretty much all there is to me, and you can get a summarized version by getting my most up-to-date resume Here, or by clicking the download link below(Please note that the link below may not be the most up-to-date copy of my resume).