2012-03-20 21:11:58 Posted by RetroZelda

DatabaseConnect v1.1

And here it is. my c#.net wrapper for mysql. It is still early, as you can only connect, read data, and write to an existing database, but I do plan to continue work on it, and eventually manage all my posts on retrozelda.com using this class. a few notes on use: this class is implementing Mysql's Connector/NET, which can be found Here. Because Connector/NET works with microsoft .net and Mono, it **should** be cross platform, but because its compiled as a DLL, this will only work under windows. this wrapper includes 2 classes: public class ColumnData; public class CDatabaseConnect; TODO: - user-defined queries - create and delete of tables - insert and delete columns - remove existing rows - edit existing rows - more awesome stuff

2012-03-20 21:12:13 Posted by RetroZelda

XNA - Chicken App

Me being me, had to have my demo chickens be the first app I post. These chickens where a day project on Easter that I did, and then a few weeks ago i Spent about an hour researching XNA and then I ported them over the same night. Now, I don't have a 360 so this is a Windows build, but porting over shouldn't be an issue. Click the button to download the full source with vs2010 solution. Ciao for Niao!

2012-03-20 21:12:28 Posted by RetroZelda

Scripting Done!

The day has finally come... The basic scripting is finished for this site, and i am rather relieved. Although I had forgotten most of the syntax for php, mysql, and even some parts of HTML, I think what I have learned, and what I will learn from working on this site will benefit me. But now, it is time to fill everything with information about ME! And of course, bug fixes(if any appear) as well as a few security things that I have yet to setup. I also have plans to create a comments system or maybe setup a subversion folder for anything I decide to make open source/open develop. But that's for another day. Anyway, expect a c# wrapper for mysql sometime in the near future. But, as long as I am attending Full Sail University, I will concentrate on my school work and the work I am doing for Plunder. Anyway, Ciao for Niao!

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