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Yup, RZEngine2D is a slow work in progress. RZEngine2D is going to be an XNA 2D game engine, with hopes for it to be able to easily compile on the XBox360, Windows Phone 7, and, naturally, PC. Now, I have the basic interfaces done for some of the needed bits and pieces, as well as some things ported over from my other works, but it is a slow work in progress. If Anyone wants to help develop the engine, feel free to contact me about it, and I can get you set up on the repository.

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Companies and Future Jerbs

With the last set of classes for the Month of October coming to an end, I am now over the Full Sail hump! That's right, I have now been at full sail for over and year now, and with less than a year left I've got a future to start to plan out. But where do I start? What do I want to do? Where do I want to do it? And finally, where do I want to be in 10 years? If you had asked me this a year ago, i would have probably either have had no Idea, or would give some snarky answer that was pie in the sky. But now, after learning my capabilities and my weaknesses, I think I can begin to answer these with Chrystal clarity. Where do I start? Well, the answer to that is very simple. i have already started. The day I was officially accepted into Full Sail was the day i had started. Although it was as if I was a lab rat being into a new maze, I still knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to make games. And making games is what I plan to do for the rest of my life. Although I am not really that creative and I always start personal projects and scrap them a week later, I think the way the industry is set up will be a perfect fit for someone like me. Give me a topic, and I will create ideas to add on to. Give me a task, and i will get it done no matter what. Have me implement something that I know very little about, and I will take the time to research, study and learn how to get it done and then I will get it done. That, so far, is the work ethic that I have slowly been developing, and when I go to do something, I try my best to get it done with the best quality work, which sometimes might take me longer than others, but great things take time. Look at the games made by Nintendo or Blizzard Entertainment. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess was delayed many times before its final release alongside the wii, but It was a fantastic game. Any game Blizzard makes always takes them a while to get done, but when they get it done, they get it done right. These are two of many companies that really show quality, and how time is what a game really need to be sucessful. Now, I dont quite know exactly how the gaming industry works, so I was merely speculating, but I do feel as if that my, and my many other traits that fit my work ethic, will fit nicely into the a gaming company like Blizzard, Nintendo, Retro Studios, or even N-Space. What do I want to do? With the degree that I plan to get at the end of my Full Sail journey, I can go, from what I have heard, three routes. These routes are Gaming, Military Simulation, and teaching(Like how many of the Game Development teachers at Full Sail are alumni of the school as well). Now, i know for a fact that Teaching is out of the question. I understand things just fine in my head, and If I dont I can easily draw it out so I can help myself visualize what I am trying to do, and the way I think and explain my thought of how to solve a problem, my lack of teaching abilities comes back and I just confuse whomever i was talking to about it. So that means that Gaming and Military(or just any, really) simulation. Altough I do enjoy simulators, I just dont think that that will be a good fit for me. First of all, I have very little in me to be able to do anything in the military. Weather or not it would require going through basic training, it just isnt for me. Although simulation really does sound fun, I think bringing that fun to people for entertainment would be a lot more fulfilling. So, naturally, gaming is for me. i love the wath people play, I love to actualy play, and I really enjoy being a part of what others love so much. Gaming is going to be a part of my life until i die, so where do I want to do it? There are many great companies out there, including those that I have mentioned previosly, but there was one company that really stuck out a lot when I was looking into them. Blizzard Entertainment. I'm not jsut saying Blizzard because of their success or because I enjoy playing World of Warcraft, but because they too started out small and unknown, just like I am now to the gaming community. For example, I bet that if I log into World of Warcraft and ask other players "e;Who made the game The Lost Vikings?"e; and I bet 99% of people would have no idea, and/or would say Blizzard instead of Silicon and Synapse, Blizzards original name. Now, just because I know a game name doesnt really say much, but I remember as a child playing The Lost Vikings II with my brother. It has been years since I have played it, and I really wish I could find a copy, but some things are stuck in the past. ANother thing that really makes Blizzard stand out from other American Companies is their Campus. On their site, located Here, you can scroll down and view a gallery of the campus. It really looks like a mix between Full Sail University and my high School from back home. There is a beautiful cafeteria, a weight room, basketball and volley ball courts and many other sport and exersize rooms and games. but then, you can see conference rooms, what looks like someones office, and even what looks like All the employees and/or interns all coming together to celebrate some kindof event and looking really happy. All these things looks like a fun and extremely productive place of work. And just looking at these images assures me that that kind of company really knows what to do to keep their employees' moral up to continue to give the world fantastic games. Another good "e;underdog"e; company that I really look up to and who is slowly coming to the top is N-Space. N-space is mainly known for the DS version of games like Call of Duty::Moder Warfare Mobilized, Call of Duty: Black ops and Golden Eye 007. I remember playing these games and thinking "e;Wow, these are really fun, and play a lot better than Metroid"e;. But there are very few people who play the console versions of these games that will even concider playing the hand held version, and I just want to say SHAME ON YOU! Even though you might never have heard of N-space, you will in 2012 with Heroes of Ruin. I am really excited for Herod of Ruin on the 3DS, but I am not going to talk about it because it might just turn into a game review based on the trailers I have seen, but with all the featues jammed into one golden game, I have no doubts that n-space's quality will eventually shine into console-only gamer's eyes! Where do I want to be in 10 years? Well, as a child I always wanted to work for Nintendo, and my dream is to work under Shigeru miyamoto and be a part of a Legend of Zelda game. Also, working under Yu Suzuki on Shenue III would be a dream come true as well. Although these are really far out there, that is where I hope to be in 10 years. I want to be working under the greatest minds of the industry and be a part of giving people games that turn heads and break into new elements that have never been crossed. This really is dreaming of the top, but you may say I'm a dreamer, but I know I am not the only one.

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So, me being me, I forgot to include some Important library"s to get any of my projects to build, so this is the topic where I am going to place links to the location of the librarys and update it periodically as well as to start including needed DLLs with the builds. Note: These are going to be x86 versions. You can do the search for 64 bit versions. Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86) DirectX End-User Runtimes .NET Framework

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Dungeon Monster Descent

Update [Feb/15/2012]: New installer created that includes a more optimised build, bug fixes, and wii motion plus support! Although the wii motion plus's status text is ugly, check it out! Note: Some browser's malware detector comes up with a false positive for the installer. Dont worry, it is safe! Original: The six-named game is here! Hack and slash your way through 5 mind boggling levels as you collect potions and 8 unique spells to hunt down and defeat the evil Vurithra! Six names? Yes, "e;Dungeon"e;, "e;Monster"e;, and "e;Descent"e; in any order can be a title of our game, and because we never could decide what order the words should be, the game randomly generates the name and changed the save folder to fit. This was a laughable decision at first, but it is mine and the rest of my groups heart, buried deep within the code. Yes, this is my SGP project and it is AWESOME! Originally, this game was just an idea that I had pulled out of my ass in ROG because the group that I was assigned to were all really quiet(including me), so naturally, I pulled an idea out my ass, and the other group members expanded upon it and at the end of ROG, we had a [terrible] prototype for this game. Imagine Candyland, sweet and sugary and happy with many many different colors. Now take out anything that isn't square and make them square. Now get rid of all colors and make every landscape black and every object red. That was our prototype, an ugly boring version of Candyland. But going into SGP, Ceub had picked up another member, who is very troll-able i should add, and together we added the sugar to our game during the first month. Going into the second month, we had belly aches from just eating the sugar that we knew that we needed the bright colors and the loving characters of Candyland(excluding Plumpy; the bane of Candyland), so we then each made our own levels, with traps and enemies to compliment those levels. Plumpy kept showing up to ruin some things. We would get heap corruptions here, and memory leaks there, and even random crashes when running in release-mode. It was a struggle, but we took care of Plumpy... for the time being. Towards the end of the month, we traded off our Prize game to get debugged by another team. Plumpy was back, but this time, in mere bugs. Squashing these bugs was a piece of cake, and when the time came to have the SGP expo, everything was squashed except for a few bugs. Although we had those few bugs left in the game when we presented the game, we felt an accomplishment that wasn't anything that could have been felt. Dungeon Monster Descent was finished, and people loved it. It was challenging and exciting to watch people fail. Many people had played the game, but only a select few had beaten a level, with only one guy beating more than 1 and getting almost all the spells! This project that you should really download and try really taught me quite a lot. I think that the process of developing a game for the first time is the best way of improving your programming skills, as well as having hardships, laughter, tangents, as well as successes and failures on the way. And no matter how many times you play the classic board game Candyland, there will always be that Plumpy card, taunting you from the depths of the deck and only showing himself at the worst possible times.

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A few weeks ago I started in on a Full Sail University wide game project called Plunder. Although the learning process on my first project where I am jumping in during the middle of its development was a bit rough, I am now feeling really good and starting to be able to find my way around everything. Now, although it is being developed in Unity, it is still a challenge learning the Unity api as well as reading and integrating in uncommented code, as well as trying to keep my own lines clean and easy to understand. So far on this project I have mainly fixed bugs, adjusted camera's and I am in the process of working with Unity's strange way to communicate with mysql. I still do not like the way I found the documentation goes about adding and retrieving data from a database, but I am in the process of writing a completely different wrapper for mysql, that way I can have continue to use the current mode of communication now, and then if I do find a smoother way of communicating to the database, I can easily use the existing interface to easily transition to the smoother system. But for right now, the implementation I have works great, and depending on what I get available to me to use, I should be moving away from my test database and into the official database that will hold all the Plunder data. And this is very exciting for me! Now, because Plunder is an educational game, the data I need to collect from each player that will play this game is going to be very difficult. I will ahve to track down all the possible learning aspects of the game, and have the way the player interacts with these aspects will need to be recorded and saved so we can track player's progresses and analyse the learning aspects(e.g. what players already knew compared to what they will learn). This i see as a challenge in itself that I am also very excited to be a part of. Working on this project for just a short amount of time has helped me learn so much, and I think that If I didnt take on this project, I wouldnt have went back to php and mysql for probably many years! Not just that, but the practice of reading other people's code, working with people and relying on them as well as people relying on me to do things is really self-fulfilling, and exciting. Although it is exciting now, I do feel that there will be really stressful and pressure filled moments will occur, and I do hope I will be able to handle those moments the best I can. Ciao for niao!

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