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Sugar Rush - Core

Well hello non-existing readers! I am here to present to you the core build for my Final Project game, Sugar Rush. Sugar Rush is a 3rd person hack 'n slash in a world of candy that is being invaded by evil dentists and vegetables. This is our first milestone build, which only has the carrot enemy and placeholder models and/or animations for what you will see! I was responsible for writing the model/animation exporter so we can export character models and skeletal rigs from Autodesk Maya. I also did the animation system in the actual game. My system is a hybrid of cpu/gpu animations with joint interpolations cpu bound and then skinning being done in a vertex shader on the gpu. Why did I do it this way? Well, there are a few things right now that rely on joint position/orientation and the current keyframe to function properly, and retrieving that data off the gpu would be much more work to get everything set up than it would be worth for what few things need said information. I would prefer to have everything on the gpu, but I feel that i should spend my time in other places as we go towards the alpha Milestone. Now, matrix interpolations can be quite expensive on the cpu, i realize this, but with the beauty that is SIMD/SSE, I know that when we need to cut back on processing, I ahve something I can fall onto! I even considered doing the animation system entirely on the cpu using SIMD and setting up a thread pool, but sadly the architecture was fairly complicated for me and it would require time that I do not have to accomplish(same with the kalman filter I want to use with the wii motion plus :3). Anyway, my animation system also handles animation Blending, which will take the current frame the current animation is on and blend it with the first frame of an animation you are changing to. this can get quite expensive as well as it requires matrix interpolations on two sets of matrices instead of just one. A thread could possibly do the trick(a thread pool looks nicer and nicer!). So now that core is met, and I am moving on past animations, where am I heading to? Now, I am working on a level exporter, so we can build our levels in maya. I am using the dreaded maya api to instance geometry in each level and to store the static transforms at first. I plan to be able to export collision geometry and, maybe, nav meshes for our AI. Then, after I get the level exporter set, I will hopefully start helping our Tech Lead with enemy AI. More specifically I think I will be working with him on path finding, so hopefully I can get A* working even better than I had it in my AI class. And for those of you who dont know, A*(aye star) is a fantastic path finding algorithm, but we might not even need something that complicated, but naturally I am only speculating at the moment.... Well that is my useless banter for the time being, and I will let you read me later! EDIT: Removed Download Link

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Site Newzies

Yeah, so in the past half hour I added post limiting and page numbering on this place. i figured that loading every single post that no one reads is a waste to database calls and will provide a 0.000005% faster page loading time. Note: the aforementioned Time is an estimate, and it should be clear that Erick, nor any of his affiliates, performed a benchmark, test, or any other method to provide accurate data. There, I am now lawsuit-proof. Oh, and do not worry... You can thank me later. Ciao for niao.

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Update Things and Stuff

So, obviously, this site development is pretty much at a stand still. I was just playing around and screwed up something in the database, so some links and the about and contact info might be missing. My plan for implementing a user-based system which would allow comments, or even using twitter or facebook's api is out of the question. Why? The answer is that I dont really have the time to put my full attention on either api, and creating a secure user system would take much time out of final project. even creating a CMS for me being able to post, edit, and delete these posts is intangible at the moment. #sadface. But, at any rate, Final Project info? Proceed to the next paragraph Sugar Rush; a game where you take control of a young girl named Dot who inhabits the delicious world of candy is fighting to protect the land from invading Dentists and vegetables from destroying the sweet filled town, called Candy Town. Dot will hack and slash her way through the invading veggies that are invading Candy Town, the peppermint Forest, and the Gumdrop Meadow, using only her giant Lollipop weapon, and her love of sugar to defend her home. As of now, we have 6 enemies, 3 of whom aim to destroy the sweet teeth and put a stop to all the candy. You Have 3 main attacks to fight off the evil doers, and when you get enough sugar, you can go crazy in Sugar Rush Mode where you will berserk these enemies to HELL!!! Be careful, after every Sugar Rush is a crash where you wont be able to attack, and movements will be slow. This will not be an issue because if you happen to take damage, you have your trusty weapon in which you can indulge your own sweet tooth and take a giant bite to regain some health. Be mindful, though, the more of your weapon you eat, the less damage it will do so it is necessary to defeat enemies in order to gain back stolen sugar to repair your weapon. This game sounds awesome, right? If you answered "yes", then yes! It is going to be a kick ass game! If you answered "no" then..... wait... no one could say "no" to this game! How could they? We have 7 strong developers and 4 talented artists coming together as part of team Royals With Cheese to create this fantastic game. Because you are now excited for this game, you may be asking yourself "Where can I find out more?". Well, as of now, there isn't any form of propaganda(is that even the proper term for it?) on the internet, and I don't want to go posting concept art on here without permission with the rest of my team, as well as creating said propaganda(seriously, if there is a better term for it, let me know!) without anyone else. But, once these things are available, I will let you non-existent readers know! As for my role of this project, I am tackling the Animation System. This includes the Maya exporter, and the in game animation state machine, blender, and interpolation. Yes, this does involve the Maya api, and yes, there are a lot of things i want to research and learn so I am very excited! Yippee! Anyway, this is all I have to say... Ciao for niao!

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DMD Update

There was an issue a few people had with the build available for DMD, so a link to the older build is available if the current one doesn't work.

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Final Project - A Whole new world

You can consider this a follow-up or a sequel the the short post I lastly did. And Wow, that sentence didn't make any sense at all! Also, this is more of me relieving some guilt and regret that has been kind of building up inside me without me being fully aware. Oh, a quick side note, I intentionally leave names out of my posts for privacy related stuff that I learned in High School(one of my many stories about Band). Anyhoo... my first day of final project was today, and my personality made me seem and feel like a complete ass hole. I did two possible terrible things in one day and it was even pointed out to me, and wow... I am an asshole. First of all, during the first lecture, the guy giving the lecture had a goofy, friendly, and fairly sarcastic tone and aura about him. So naturally I immediately felt comfortable with the class. This, and my personality don't mix well. I was labeled a 'troll'(Urban Dictionary definition for troll: 'One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument'). I at first thought nothing of this, and continued making an ass of myself. And for this, I apologize to the course director greatly for giving a terrible first impression. And I send an apology out to one of the EPs that I called an unprofessional term, when I meant a completely different word('Asshole' instead of 'Hard ass'), which both terms are not good, and I don't blame you for the way you look down upon me. Although I do plan to apologize in person when I get a chance, I really really hope I can build a better impression of myself towards everyone in my final project Studio(class mates) and everyone that works as part of GP Games(The staff members) and all the course directors and lab specialists that I may have bothered during my time at Full Sail. I am truly sorry for the way I act, and I just want to say that what some people call 'trolling' when I ask some questions, in my head I just need the small details cleared, and even if I seem like an ass, that really is not my intention towards everyone. Sometimes when I add stupid 'one liners' to certain things, that is just me being me, and I do try to work on some things, but other times I feel that the stupid things that happens help keep things interesting and eventful, and may one day be a nice little story for future colleagues, friends, family, etc. Although, it may not be my place to force these kind of memories, it is just how I feel, even if it sounds like its contradicting its self, and I am fully aware of everything now, and my plan during the upcoming months of final project is to do these 3 things: 1: I plan to be a helpful and supportive team member. I always try my best to help out my class mates during labs the best I can, and sometimes I may need to ask them for help. This has happened a lot in the past months and I hope this bond of helping each other continues to grow stronger. 2: I plan to work the hardest for my team. I will do everything to the best of my ability, and I plan to stretch my current knowledge of the things I have learned throughout Full Sail to help myself grow stronger as a programmer, and to help build a fun game with the rest of my team. Finally, 3: I plan to improve my personality to be more attractive to the other guys and girls working in the industry. I know exactly how I will develop my personality to finally get rid of my 'asshole' of a personality, and improve it to become brighter towards the many people I will meet. With these things that I plan to do with myself over the next six months, I feel that I will become a better person all together, and I am truly excited to be a part of the team I am on final project. It is time to make a game that is fun, and that I will love to talk about. And again, I am sorry to all the course directors and lab specialists, and thank you to all my class mates that I have been with, especially the guys I have been with for the past 6-7 months(since we joined together in SGD and ROG). I hope everything goes well for us in the last months we have in final project, and lets make some kick ass games! With much Love, Erick "RetroZelda" Folckemer

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