2015-02-15 11:35:06 Posted by RetroZelda

3DS Remote Desktop

UPDATE: If you're looking for a CIA build, there is one located on the GBATemp thread. I have been working on a project on and off for about 2 weeks now. I decided to work on something else so I am releasing what I have. a 3DS Remote Desktop app that allows you to remote control your PC for games, movies, porn, etc. It is still fairly rudimentary, but it works. To use, set the server config file to set button input mappings, the port to use, and the destination screen size(mostly used for other platforms so just leave it at 400x240 because thats the 3DS' screen size). The input mappings require win32 virtual key code int values(ascii decimal value). A list of these can be found here. The client is still a bit ugly, but once you set the server and port to connect to(D pad for server, and L and R keys to set port), press A to connect. Once connected, press SELECT to start video link. At any point, press start to exit the client. You can press ESC to stop the server. Connects/disconnects still arent exactly clean, but oh well :p I have a build attached, but the source can be found here. Please note, i have not included the source to LZ4, but i have included prebuilt library's. if you use these librarys, dont forget to forward lz4's licenced :D Enjoy

2015-02-09 00:07:57 Posted by RetroZelda

3DS Hombrew - Remote Desktop

UPDATE: Because I love you Greetings, Earthlings.... i mean... uhhh.... hey! So my latest venture after my return to World of Warcraft is a remote desktop application for the 3DS. This is similar to my vita remote desktop, although I have much cleaner code, access to a non-sandboxed environment, and more insight on different languages. Now, I dont have a release build available publicly yet, as it still needs a lot of work, but I do have a proof of concept picture. YAY PICS! Essentially, The client is written in C and the server in C++. Shared utilities are in C. Why 2 languages? Cuz why not. I would prefer just c++, but I need all the resources on the 3DS that I can muster, so a lighter language is what i chose. Currently, I have sending input and mapping it to keys working next to perfectly. I was in a wow heroic dungeon for about 5 minutes with it before I got kicked for going too slow haha. The next thing with input will be mapping the touch screen to emulate a laptop trackpad. The screen capture is the main thing holding me back. I was lazy and didnt want to deal with getting libjpg or libpng working, so I am sending a raw 400x240 image to the 3DS. it takes time to send that much data and I just want to get core systems working and clean before I work on speeding that up. Aside from other cleanups, I will be releasing the source when I finally get to a point where I am proud of it. But, for now, i present you, A SCREENSHOT! WEWT!

2015-02-07 16:28:46 Posted by RetroZelda

3DS Homebrew Kick Off and Console Source

Update: There is now a console within ctrulib, so I recommend just using that. Plus, I wasnt using vsprintf() lol. I could update it, but theres no point now. So, with teh kick off of 3DS homebrew, ive been porting a 3D engine to it. Now, i dont have the game yet(i am on vacation, but it should be in my mailbox) so I can only test things with an emulator. But I have the engine compiling! Yay! No errors but infinity warnings. Oh well. I did also update the engine's input manager to handle all 3DS buttons, but I cant test it yet... ANYWAY! I needed a console to print to, so here it is. This is done in C and is based on the text drawing in Smealum's ftpony. I was doing something myself, but that was only wasting time trying to build the letters in a C array. oh well. Source is attached, and Here's the repo: http://www.bitbucket.org/RetroZelda/3ds_console.git

2014-01-11 23:24:26 Posted by RetroZelda

Code Samples

I know, I havnt posted anything in a while. So I thought I would be a little productive. So, I installed GCC and code:blocks and I made a quick Byte Queue. But, how could I share that I did it without making an entire post about it? What if I had other small things I wanted to share? Well, i figured it out! I added the new Code Samples section for just that. So, when I make a small script or do an exercise to keep my other language skills, I will put it there. It will mostly be used to show my code style and any small accomplishments I do that isnt significant enough for a full post. So... Enjoy! Ciao fur niao!

2015-08-16 01:32:36 Posted by RetroZelda

C++ Memory Management

So, with my lack of time with my good friend, C++, I have decided to make a Memory Manager. I was playing around with a different coding style, and I think I like it. It seems more of an explicit style, and I think I like programming is this way. Anyway, this manager is similar to my MIPS memory manager(found here, and it is definitely easier to read and use. The usage is simple. I have every function static, and held in a namespace. That can easily be changed depending on whatever my next project needs are, but it is still self-sufficient. You have to call RetroZeldaMM::Init() and RetroZeldaMM::Shutdown() to allocate and free the actual memory, or if on an embedded system, to start using the given heap memory. Then, to allocate simply use RetroZeldaMM::New<>() and RetroZeldaMM::Delete<>(). Yes, they are templated functions. Deal with it :) There are 3 helper Macros to help with the amount of data to allocate: KBToByte() MBToByte() GBToByte() And then there is a function called RetroZeldaMM::AllocationCount(). You can call it to get the allocation/deallocation count as a primitive way to check if you are not releasing your pointers. Please note that the data alignment is kept on a 4byte boundary. I am not sure of I did it correctly, or if there is a keyword I need to use. Regardless, enjoy! Ciao fur Niao!

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