2012-03-20 23:11:58 Posted by RetroZelda

DatabaseConnect v1.1

And here it is. my c#.net wrapper for mysql. It is still early, as you can only connect, read data, and write to an existing database, but I do plan to continue work on it, and eventually manage all my posts on retrozelda.com using this class. a few notes on use: this class is implementing Mysql's Connector/NET, which can be found Here. Because Connector/NET works with microsoft .net and Mono, it **should** be cross platform, but because its compiled as a DLL, this will only work under windows. this wrapper includes 2 classes: public class ColumnData; public class CDatabaseConnect; TODO: - user-defined queries - create and delete of tables - insert and delete columns - remove existing rows - edit existing rows - more awesome stuff

2012-03-20 23:12:13 Posted by RetroZelda

XNA - Chicken App

Me being me, had to have my demo chickens be the first app I post. These chickens where a day project on Easter that I did, and then a few weeks ago i Spent about an hour researching XNA and then I ported them over the same night. Now, I don't have a 360 so this is a Windows build, but porting over shouldn't be an issue. Click the button to download the full source with vs2010 solution. Ciao for Niao!

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