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Lulz - A Bit o Fun

With the last month of final project coming around, and my low attention span on my own side projects, I decided, after half a day of being distracted, to look into how win32 api works with the system registry, and how you can spin the screen, and restart someones computer. Basically mean/funny things. Well, Here is the binary and the source of what I came up with! But, by downloading it, you agree that you will 1) Not use it on me :D, and 2) be nice with it. Anyway, this is basically 2 small apps that work together. The first I have just been calling Lulz. It is a small prank application that will allow you to build a dummy exe that, when ran, will place a fully alpha mouse cursor in the Cursor directory, set your registry to have all mouse cursors the invisible one, and place an exe in the startup folder that will run on start up. then I have scrnflp. It is also a small application that is used alongside "e;Lulz"e; to rotate the orientation of the users screen 90 degrees. If it fails, it will restart the computer for fun. Well, have fun, be smart, be safe, and all that jazz. RetroZelda Out!

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Sugar Rush and MORE

The time has come where I talk about things and stuff that have happened. Theres not really much that has happened but Sugar Rush Alpha was finished last week, and I started a side project that I am kind of excited to continue to work on. Firstly, Sugar Rush! The alpha build is out and its coming along really well. There were many issues with the build towards the middle of the month, and things got cut, but we are progressing! Out of the issues, I think I was stuck in the middle of them! Namely, Maya. Maya gave us strange issue, and I spent days trying to figure out these issues. Like, when I finished the level exporter, some meshes would get skewed and warped. Not all of them, mind you, only about 4. The cause? No one really know, but when we erased and remade one of the meshes, everything was fixed! What the hell, right? Around 4 days checking everything in my exporter, when it gets loaded, checking values of every mesh, checking over and over again making sure the pipeline was good and none of these things showed results, but remaking 1 mesh to solve it? Stupid. Another issue is sometimes maya will randomly erase the verts for a mesh, and this will cause the exporter to crash. When calling API functions, it **thought** that there were verts, but when you would go to the mesh in the outliner, it would just be missing. The transform and everything was there, just missing verts. This was about another 6-8 hour thing to figure out. Not fun! But after all said and done, our environmental artist was spending too much time with me figuring out these issues that Maya would present, and changing collision meshes over and over caused him to lose focus on the actual art side, and even though collision wasn't my area this month, i still feel horrible................... anyway, there was also Nav mesh fun time. My part of it was to export the Nav Mesh data out of recast to be used to create the lookup table for our path finding. There were issues with the data I was saving, so I changed how I was doing it a few times and the guy working on using that was still unable to use it. So the guy doing our renderer hacked together something quickly to draw what I was exporting, and it was showing garbage mesh data. So again I rewrote the exporter and still nothing. I then tried at least 3 other ways that night, and still showing garbage data. Sadly, we had to cut nav meshes for our pathfinding. So then I wanted to draw the world in wireframe about 30 mins later and I used the same hacked function set and it showed garbage data with meshes that were correct. I was sad. it wasnt my exporting that was messing up(at least not the first couple iterations) so the nav mesh was kind of cut in vein. And yeah, those were the main issues I had this month. I figured that since last post was about my awesome animation system, I should rant about issues this month. So now lets hope for more cool things for me to talk happily about in the coming months. So yeah, you should check it out by visiting the Indy DB site here. No now about my side project I started yesterday. Well, I have had fun developing it so far. Right now its a basic Client-server game with the server written using winsock and the client is going to be a small game that I am writing on Android. This means I am refreshing myself with sockets and UDP as well as learning the android SDK as well as basically programming 2 applications at the same time. But right now the server is about 40% done and the actual app is about 20% done. But once I can get the core functionality of send/receiving packets, then I can focus mostly on the android side to get the game looking and playing better. I enjoy learning things that have to do with programming, and doing this is like a MILLION things I am learning at the same time, and its exhilarating. I have a lot of ideas for it and if I was like 3 people in 1 I could progress faster on it, but I'm not sure weather or not I want this to be an Erick-Project or to see if other people want to help me on it. But, I'll have that decided after I get a solid client/server made. Then when other work on the gameplay stuff, I can create a matchmaking server, and setup an account system then start leader boards and team/friend games. Right now the scale of what I have in mind is actually fairly small, but even if i work alone on it, i will have fun regardless. Oh, and I don't plan on actually releasing details of it until i can get a solid alpha build of it, then maybe I can put the game on the android market then put a basic server on here for people to try it out(or maybe port the server to linux and host it on here? hehe i dont think my host will like that :D). Anyway, that is all I will rant about today. Ciao fur niao! RetroZelda OUT.

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Yup, RZEngine2D is a slow work in progress. RZEngine2D is going to be an XNA 2D game engine, with hopes for it to be able to easily compile on the XBox360, Windows Phone 7, and, naturally, PC. Now, I have the basic interfaces done for some of the needed bits and pieces, as well as some things ported over from my other works, but it is a slow work in progress. If Anyone wants to help develop the engine, feel free to contact me about it, and I can get you set up on the repository.

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So, me being me, I forgot to include some Important library"s to get any of my projects to build, so this is the topic where I am going to place links to the location of the librarys and update it periodically as well as to start including needed DLLs with the builds. Note: These are going to be x86 versions. You can do the search for 64 bit versions. Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86) DirectX End-User Runtimes .NET Framework

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Dungeon Monster Descent

Update [Feb/15/2012]: New installer created that includes a more optimised build, bug fixes, and wii motion plus support! Although the wii motion plus's status text is ugly, check it out! Note: Some browser's malware detector comes up with a false positive for the installer. Dont worry, it is safe! Original: The six-named game is here! Hack and slash your way through 5 mind boggling levels as you collect potions and 8 unique spells to hunt down and defeat the evil Vurithra! Six names? Yes, "e;Dungeon"e;, "e;Monster"e;, and "e;Descent"e; in any order can be a title of our game, and because we never could decide what order the words should be, the game randomly generates the name and changed the save folder to fit. This was a laughable decision at first, but it is mine and the rest of my groups heart, buried deep within the code. Yes, this is my SGP project and it is AWESOME! Originally, this game was just an idea that I had pulled out of my ass in ROG because the group that I was assigned to were all really quiet(including me), so naturally, I pulled an idea out my ass, and the other group members expanded upon it and at the end of ROG, we had a [terrible] prototype for this game. Imagine Candyland, sweet and sugary and happy with many many different colors. Now take out anything that isn't square and make them square. Now get rid of all colors and make every landscape black and every object red. That was our prototype, an ugly boring version of Candyland. But going into SGP, Ceub had picked up another member, who is very troll-able i should add, and together we added the sugar to our game during the first month. Going into the second month, we had belly aches from just eating the sugar that we knew that we needed the bright colors and the loving characters of Candyland(excluding Plumpy; the bane of Candyland), so we then each made our own levels, with traps and enemies to compliment those levels. Plumpy kept showing up to ruin some things. We would get heap corruptions here, and memory leaks there, and even random crashes when running in release-mode. It was a struggle, but we took care of Plumpy... for the time being. Towards the end of the month, we traded off our Prize game to get debugged by another team. Plumpy was back, but this time, in mere bugs. Squashing these bugs was a piece of cake, and when the time came to have the SGP expo, everything was squashed except for a few bugs. Although we had those few bugs left in the game when we presented the game, we felt an accomplishment that wasn't anything that could have been felt. Dungeon Monster Descent was finished, and people loved it. It was challenging and exciting to watch people fail. Many people had played the game, but only a select few had beaten a level, with only one guy beating more than 1 and getting almost all the spells! This project that you should really download and try really taught me quite a lot. I think that the process of developing a game for the first time is the best way of improving your programming skills, as well as having hardships, laughter, tangents, as well as successes and failures on the way. And no matter how many times you play the classic board game Candyland, there will always be that Plumpy card, taunting you from the depths of the deck and only showing himself at the worst possible times.

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