2015-08-02 13:06:23 Posted by RetroZelda

Wow Addon - SaveMe

Last weekend, I decided to take my usage of LUA to the a more practical area, so I wrote a small wow addon. A plugin to ElvUI to ping your party/raid frames for an external Cool down. Nothing Special. So why is this practical? Why would I make this? Well, basically I've been raiding in WoW a lot. End game PVE is my favorite part of any MMO, and Blizzard does it right. I can generally get away with my lack of coordination between my different senses while in most heroic bosses, but as I am stepping into the world of mythic, I need to play my pally to its full potential - a DPS support. With the most available external cooldowns, the pally is a great asset to have in a raid in any roll. Although. for me and my coordination, I need assistance. That is where this addon would come into play. When, lets say a tank, is going to be taking a lot of damage from something, thowing something on him/her is the the best interest of him/her, the healer, and the raid overall. If I miss my oportunity, or I'm not seeing that they need the help, they can ping the entire party/raid. This ping(/sm or /saveme) will ping the ElvUI party/raid frames and make their player frame flash. This would be picked up by my eye and will let me know to send something their way. Its perfect, right? Wrong. The main thing holding this addon back is that it is a plugin of ElvUI. Not too much of a big deal because a lot of players use this addon. It is also not really wanted in my guild, and probably not many others, but I made it for the sake of making it and to continue to stretch my programming into other areas besides compilable languages and my own frameworks for systems(in this case, the ElvUI and WoW Addon API). so its pretty much a lose win win situation, and thats cool with me! Anyway, tl;dr... Download is at Curse. Enjoy! http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/elveui_saveme

2015-02-15 11:35:06 Posted by RetroZelda

3DS Remote Desktop

UPDATE: If you're looking for a CIA build, there is one located on the GBATemp thread. I have been working on a project on and off for about 2 weeks now. I decided to work on something else so I am releasing what I have. a 3DS Remote Desktop app that allows you to remote control your PC for games, movies, porn, etc. It is still fairly rudimentary, but it works. To use, set the server config file to set button input mappings, the port to use, and the destination screen size(mostly used for other platforms so just leave it at 400x240 because thats the 3DS' screen size). The input mappings require win32 virtual key code int values(ascii decimal value). A list of these can be found here. The client is still a bit ugly, but once you set the server and port to connect to(D pad for server, and L and R keys to set port), press A to connect. Once connected, press SELECT to start video link. At any point, press start to exit the client. You can press ESC to stop the server. Connects/disconnects still arent exactly clean, but oh well :p I have a build attached, but the source can be found here. Please note, i have not included the source to LZ4, but i have included prebuilt library's. if you use these librarys, dont forget to forward lz4's licenced :D Enjoy

2015-08-16 01:32:36 Posted by RetroZelda

C++ Memory Management

So, with my lack of time with my good friend, C++, I have decided to make a Memory Manager. I was playing around with a different coding style, and I think I like it. It seems more of an explicit style, and I think I like programming is this way. Anyway, this manager is similar to my MIPS memory manager(found here, and it is definitely easier to read and use. The usage is simple. I have every function static, and held in a namespace. That can easily be changed depending on whatever my next project needs are, but it is still self-sufficient. You have to call RetroZeldaMM::Init() and RetroZeldaMM::Shutdown() to allocate and free the actual memory, or if on an embedded system, to start using the given heap memory. Then, to allocate simply use RetroZeldaMM::New<>() and RetroZeldaMM::Delete<>(). Yes, they are templated functions. Deal with it :) There are 3 helper Macros to help with the amount of data to allocate: KBToByte() MBToByte() GBToByte() And then there is a function called RetroZeldaMM::AllocationCount(). You can call it to get the allocation/deallocation count as a primitive way to check if you are not releasing your pointers. Please note that the data alignment is kept on a 4byte boundary. I am not sure of I did it correctly, or if there is a keyword I need to use. Regardless, enjoy! Ciao fur Niao!

2013-06-02 20:01:18 Posted by RetroZelda

Vita Remote Desktop

Recently, I have been working on roughly 4 projects(2 being personal projects), and one of which is the Vita Remote Desktop. Once the Playstation Mobile SDK became free to licence, I have been getting swarmed with requests to get it to work. Therefore, I have worked and I did get it to work! But something in the SDK made it work much much slower. So, I started from scratch on the server, and I updated the client even more so. Now, I have the screen getting sent over and it is still faster than what it would have been. Although, because I have been doing so many projects, I was running out spare time as I was trying to juggle too much, so I have decided to stop working on this. I have added the source to a google code GIT repository, and I hope someone else will finish it off. what is left to do? Well, clean disconnects is really needed, but there is also the server handling vita button presses and screen touches. The packets are already being sent and received, just not handled. Also, the server crashes sometimes as it runs out of memory. Also, the server doesnt have a GUI, and mapping it to my previous's GUI wont be hard at all. So, naturally, it isn't quite finished. Anyway, the repository is here: https://code.google.com/p/vita-remote-desktop/ I am now going to focus my time on more important projects, but I may stumble back. All I ask is to keep the project hosted publicly and to potentially keep this alive. Ciao fur niao!

2012-10-16 03:40:29 Posted by RetroZelda

Mips Memory Management

Halfway through October, and not a word of what my abundant spare time has brought to this lovely world. Well, I have been reading a lot of articles on random things like occlusion culling, hardware emulation, and different CPU pipelines and instructions. I first started reading about SH-2 and SH-4 processors(found in the Sega Saturn and Dreamcast respectively), and after giving me an aneurysm of knowledge, I decided to find a cleaner CPU set to build upon. x86? Screw x86! With a vita that has a psp emulator that has just been introduced to the existing "e;psp hacking scene"e;, I decided that maybe working with that stuff first would give me a nice foot in the door. So, after reading about low level PSP hacking crap, I now understand buffer overflows and I think i have a few things I know I can do to not allow those(because I do love me some file I/O), and I was introduced to MIPS assembly. The instructions are simple, and the registers are even simpler, so why wouldn't mips be a good starting point? Well, it was great! I am fairly glad that I put off working on Nyanimals(idk if I mentioned that side PSM project or not, but hit me up on twitter or linked-in if you really care) for a week to put my time into MIPS. Well, after just screwing around and figuring out how to actually use the stack(lack of push and pop instructions), I decided a couple days ago to try a math library. Obviously I gave up on that fast and decided to handle dynamic memory allocation. So, with this post, I give you my MIPS malloc and free. Next on my list is calloc and realloc, but I will need to do some other functions first(e.g. memset), then I think I will be able to handle math stuff and I can dive into the FPU. Anyway, I have the malloc and free routines attached so download and enjoy. I have been using Mars as my simulator, so I will provide a link to that somewhere... anyhoo, if you do decide to try it out, good luck reading it. I have the normal massive ammount of comments that ASM requires, but, especially in the free routine, its still... well... you will see :) So, to conclude, I plan to do some MIPS as well as work on Nyanimals(as it is the longest side project I have had the attention for). And I think I am going to make it build for PSM and XNA so I can play around with compiler settings. Although I have been lacking time with the super cute C++, so I might do some data structures or even look into CUDA(probably not...) Anyway, before this turns into another rant... ciao fur niao! Mars: http://courses.missouristate.edu/kenvollmar/mars/

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