2013-06-02 20:01:18 Posted by RetroZelda

Vita Remote Desktop

Recently, I have been working on roughly 4 projects(2 being personal projects), and one of which is the Vita Remote Desktop. Once the Playstation Mobile SDK became free to licence, I have been getting swarmed with requests to get it to work. Therefore, I have worked and I did get it to work! But something in the SDK made it work much much slower. So, I started from scratch on the server, and I updated the client even more so. Now, I have the screen getting sent over and it is still faster than what it would have been. Although, because I have been doing so many projects, I was running out spare time as I was trying to juggle too much, so I have decided to stop working on this. I have added the source to a google code GIT repository, and I hope someone else will finish it off. what is left to do? Well, clean disconnects is really needed, but there is also the server handling vita button presses and screen touches. The packets are already being sent and received, just not handled. Also, the server crashes sometimes as it runs out of memory. Also, the server doesnt have a GUI, and mapping it to my previous's GUI wont be hard at all. So, naturally, it isn't quite finished. Anyway, the repository is here: https://code.google.com/p/vita-remote-desktop/ I am now going to focus my time on more important projects, but I may stumble back. All I ask is to keep the project hosted publicly and to potentially keep this alive. Ciao fur niao!