2012-07-05 00:25:51 Posted by RetroZelda

hmmm... Another Pranker

Yeah, I got really bored a couple hours ago, so I made a separate little thingy that will run in the background. It uses direct Input and will reverse the mouse cursor, it flips the screen, and when you left click the mouse moves in a different direction but when you right click, the mouse will jump to a random location. Oh, and both clicks play a system sound(for now), but it might be a good idea to play something funny instead(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ie4GN4J9lSQ) I also merged in the blank mouse cursor as well, so when it runs at start up, its nearly impossible to use the mouse to set everything back. So mixing this with Lulz can be quite fun! I made myself something that can easily change everything back, and I suggest you do the same unless you are an asshole :)