2012-06-26 20:48:37 Posted by RetroZelda

Lulz - A Bit o Fun

With the last month of final project coming around, and my low attention span on my own side projects, I decided, after half a day of being distracted, to look into how win32 api works with the system registry, and how you can spin the screen, and restart someones computer. Basically mean/funny things. Well, Here is the binary and the source of what I came up with! But, by downloading it, you agree that you will 1) Not use it on me :D, and 2) be nice with it. Anyway, this is basically 2 small apps that work together. The first I have just been calling Lulz. It is a small prank application that will allow you to build a dummy exe that, when ran, will place a fully alpha mouse cursor in the Cursor directory, set your registry to have all mouse cursors the invisible one, and place an exe in the startup folder that will run on start up. then I have scrnflp. It is also a small application that is used alongside "e;Lulz"e; to rotate the orientation of the users screen 90 degrees. If it fails, it will restart the computer for fun. Well, have fun, be smart, be safe, and all that jazz. RetroZelda Out!